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  Free Toolkit for Demonstrating Accountability

What is Demonstrating Accountability?
Increasingly, the privacy office in responsible organizations wants to manage and report the status of its privacy program, in other words, to demonstrate accountability. In order to demonstrate accountability, the privacy office needs to index existing documentation related to the processing of personal data and use it as evidence of accountability.  Documentation includes policies, procedures and other controls from HR, Marketing, Legal, Procurement, Sales, Product Development, IT, and all other parts of the organization that either process personal data or affect the processing of personal data.

Introducing the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™
The Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™ (“Scorecard”) is an evidence-based, scalable framework which enables the Privacy Office to demonstrate accountability, in other words, to report on the status of the privacy program with evidence.   The Scorecard spreadsheet is a downloadable Microsoft Excel template for monitoring, measuring, and reporting based on privacy management activities. The Scorecard spreadsheet is:
  1. Practical and easy-to-use;
  2. Scalable to organisations of all sizes;
  3. Flexible for any jurisdiction, industry or sector.
The Scorecard is unique in its practical approach to demonstrating accountability.  It is based on the core elements of accountability: responsibility, ownership, and evidence. The evidence based approach and empirically-driven score complement other traditional approaches such as audits and questionnaire-based self-certifications.

What is the Free Nymity Toolkit for Demonstrating Accountability?
The free toolkit includes:

  1. Pre-configured Scorecard which is a MS Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Book entitled A Privacy Office Guide to Demonstrating Accountability
  3. Training Video
  4. Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™
  5. Nymity Planning and Benchmark Methodology™
  6. Demonstrating Accountability Poster
  7. Benchmarking Worksheet Template
Your complete toolkit for demonstrating accountability. We hope that you enjoy using the toolkit! Register Now
  • “The Scorecard is an example of how responsible organisations with established privacy programs can stand ready to demonstrate accountability and benefit from doing so.”
    Martin Abrams, Executive Director & Chief Strategist of the Information Accountability Foundation
  • “The ability to demonstrate accountability is a topic of great interest and currency among privacy regulators and professionals alike; Nymity making its "Scorecard" available for free, in an easily accessible format with supporting materials and training videos, enables organisations of all sizes more opportunities to organize and present how they address accountability.”
    Joe Alhadeff, VP Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Strategist at Oracle
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